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November Guest Receives Airplay on 30 U.S. Radio Stations

This afternoon we were delightfully surprised to receive a report containing 30 RADIO STATIONS across the US who have picked up November Guest this week. Here is the current list of radio stations you can now hear us on: KAXE (Grand Rapids, MN) WROQ (Greenville, SC) KRSC (Claremore, OK) WKPS (State College, PA) WKWZ (Syosset, NY) WMSR (Auburn, AL) KCLC (St. Charles, MO) WIZN (Burlington, VT) WMBR (Cambridge, MA) WMEB (Orono, ME) WNCW (Spindale, NC) WOAS (Ontonagon, MI) WQAQ (Hamden, CT) WSUP (Platteville, WI) WUMD (Dearborn, MI) CFMU (Hamilton, ON) KDHX (St. Louis, MO) KFAN (Fredericksburg, TX) KOTO (Telluride, CO) KPUR (Forest Grove, OR) KSUT (Ignacio, CO) KUMD (Duluth, MN) MSPR (Moorehead, KY) WBZC1 (Atco, NJ) WJHU (Baltimore, MD) WMLU (Farmville, VA) WMNF (Tampa, FL) WMPG (Portland, ME) WPMD (Norwalk, CA) WUTK (Knoxville, TN) And btw, wow, there's a place called Farmville, VA? I wonder if they'll be sued out of existence by Zynga.