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A Second Class Citizen at the Verizon Wireless Store

A couple of days ago, a new, large Verizon Store sprung up down the road.  At about the same time, Verizon finally announced the availability of the new and long awaited Samsung  Galaxy Nexus  phone - The phone that was hyped by Google and Samsung in early October , announced in Late October , promised to be released in November , and then delayed and delayed until the middle of December.  It's been all over the news and in people's faces. I figured the timing was no accident, and sauntered in to see if I might be able to have a look at this  Ice Cream Sandwich  laiden beast.  To be honest, I was half expecting them to tell me they didn't have one.  As a Verizon Wireless customer in Vermont for over 15 years, I've gotten used to being a second-class citizen.  We are the usually the last to get network upgrades, good stores with good phones, or sales people who can handle technical questions. I walked in and quickly surveyed the store, before I was immediately swo

Congratulations, You're BLACKLISTED!

A long time ago, I posted The Trouble With Greylisting .  My latest rant is brought to you by the current state of e-mail server blacklisting .  I'll relate to you the following anecdote, to help with the specifics: My client recently purchased a new internet pipe from their ISP - (I won't specify, but let's just say they're "Vermont's largest wireline provider.")  Along with this new connection came a new block of public IP addresses.  This has been standard fare - they have switched connections 3 times in the last 2 years, and for a variety of reasons, each time it's been a fiasco to get everything migrated to the new block. This time it almost went incredibly smoothly (without question, this was at least partly due to the help of an  Astaro Security Gateway , and its almost infinite flexibility).  The only snag was when I moved the mail server over to the new IP block.  Within 20 minutes, people were reporting bounces (undeliverable message repo