Friday, May 22, 2009

Broadvoice Sets Us "Up the Bomb"

So Broadvoice now requires that customers (even ones that have been signed up for years, such as myself) send them a copy of their driver's license, and credit card they use to pay. A notice "requesting" such is triggered when you make any modifications to your payment info (such as changing the credit card on file). I don't think it's Federal regulation, as it seems Broadvoice is the only one doing this, but I'm sure it's some sort of CYA move.

Now, a lot of people complain about Broadvoice, but I personally have had a pretty good experience with them. They have reasonable pricing, excellent tech support, and I have not had a problem with their uptime. The only issue I've ever had is that Verizon Wireless likes to drop Broadvoice exchanges from their routing tables once in a while, which Broadvoice can hardly be blamed for. However, I have not had the pleasure of dealing with their administrative folks until now.


I did some Google searching around, and it seems that they are serious. If you don't send it in within 5 days, they suspend your service. I also learned that they tend to ignore the fact that you have SENT IT IN. Sure enough, when I sent it in on the 4th day, they suspended my service later that day anyway. I called them, and they re enabled my account, saying "it probably just hasn't been processed yet".

This morning, a few days later, I received an e-mail:

"Dear Scott McGrath,

This is a friendly reminder that we have not received the Service Authorization form that was sent to you."

I'm in hell.

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Rob said...

Scott, did you get anywhere with them? I can't believe that after 5 years they just suddenly suspended my account! There's no way I'm sending them such personal information for a $15/mth charge (that has not been denied at that!)! Plus I'm actually paid for another 2 weeks. Completely ridiculous. I wonder if I can port the # if its been suspended?