About Scott McGrath

Scott McGrath grew up in the small town of Georgia, Vermont.  After first taking up the bass guitar in high school, he later honed his skills in a number of dance/classic rock cover bands, playing a variety of music from rock to jazz standards (and everything in between). Since then, he has been a founding member of several original bands, including Rock/Americana/Jamband November Guest, which has seen commercial and public radio airplay on over 100 stations nationally. 

Along with his brother Bill McGrath, he owns and operates Ownrisk Media: recording studio and provider of music services.  He has written podcast theme music for the Fresh Ubuntu podcast, and Dinosaurs: Before They Were Fuels, among other internet podcasts. His work has been featured on CNET's Buzz Out Loud podcast.

  • Ownrisk Media - Recording studio and provider of music services (owner/operator)
  • Zephrus - 3 Piece Original Rock Ensemble
  • Longford Row - Vermont's best known and loved Trad Irish Band (double bass/contrabass)
  • November Guest - Original rock/americana jam band (bass, vocals)
  • High Tech Harmony - Websites and outsourced IT your business can afford.

  • Scamwagon - Scott McGrath's official blog. An eclectic mix of topics that will be most interesting to musicians, car freaks and gadget geeks.
  • Partis Scientia (retired) -Mostly educational or informative pieces having to do with geeky topics such as Linux and Ham Radio.
  • Veggie Golf (retired) - Dedicated to my 2002 VW Golf TDI and what I do to it.