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Why Caller ID Blocking is Dumb

Does this sound familar? You are in the middle of a great movie. Your cellphone or landline rings. Your muscle memory kicks in, you glance at the screen to see who's calling, and observe the following: "Private" Quickly, you think to yourself, "My God, it could be anyone!" Your reaction to this paltry dilemma will most likely be: A. "Wow, someone who doesn't want me to know their number. It could be important! I'll take the call." B. "It could be a telemarketer, or someone I really don't want to talk to. I'll err on the side of caution and let it go. Besides, they can leave a voicemail, and if it's important, I'll call them back after the movie is over." C. "There's a 'special place' in my heart for people who have the nerve to use caller ID blocking.... And it's not the one that encourages me to answer calls." If you ask most people, the answer will NOT be A. If you choose to employ