Thursday, June 13, 2013

New tires for the E-bike

My buddy has been needling me to get my bike up and running so we can do a video of BMW motorcycle vs. E-bike. Long story.  Anyway, since my last riding experience saw me hitting a water main access hole, breaking the stitching on my back tire, I have needed to get a new tire.  I finally decided that, while I was at it, I would upgrade the front tire from SUPER KNOB to something a little more E-bike appropriate.  So I got a set of Kenda Slick Wire Bead.  They are based on a motorcycle tire tread.  Very affordable.  I took a quick ride and the tires were obviously quieter, cornered very well, and seemed to grip the road excellent.  I also put on a front fender to keep the mud out of my face when riding in the rain.  Really excited to take these up to top speed and see how they perform!

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