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My Solidoodle 4: One year later

I've had the printer a full year now, and I would say that I've printed at least couple hundred things.  I've downloaded things from  Thingiverse , designed my own parts and prototypes, and overall gotten tons of good use out of this machine.  Here it is printing a battery case for my Hubsan X4 quadcopter right now: My only complaints are:  The Y axis, which consists of a bar on either side of the machine, is a real pain to keep from binding up (and before you ask, yes I've done all the procedures to equalize tension, align, lubricate, etc.). When it binds up, I get infill gaps.  I run through aforementioned procedures and it's good for a few prints until I start getting infill gaps again.  The X axis carriage seems to have an some kind of uneven incline, causing prints not to stick as well to the mid-left side of the build platform.  The adjustments on the build platform don't help because the incline is uneven, thus the issue is only over a small pa