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Fun with old school weather displays

Ah the 90's.  Everyone has their own opinions of it, but one of my fondest memories is coming home from school and watching the Weather Channel (this should tell you a little about my school experience).  In particular, I was always mesmerized by  "Local On The 8's"  - a computer generated weather display featuring local conditions, forecast, and radar. A typical screen of the WS4000 during Local On The 8's  There was a block of time, twice an hour, during which the output of a machine was featured as TV content.  That machine, was none other than the venerable WeatherStar 4000. The actual hardware was a rack-mount computer Cable companies would actually install this at their local head-end, and the Weather Channel would cut to it during designated blocks.  The Weather Channel was actually part network, and part local!  A strange concept. Well, just when I thought I was a geek, the folks at  show me what real geekdom is all about.  Thei