Friday, March 01, 2013

Torn up gears, and a dead end for now

Well today I got the transmission cover off.  There were two gears in here (5th gear and the selector gear) that were totally rounded (all teeth were sheared off).

After some headache, I managed to get the selector gear off.  Had to make a couple of trips to the parts store for a T60 torx bit, and a 3" 3-jaw gear puller.  The 4.5" puller I borrowed from my neighbor was a little too big for the job, plus I had to grind down the ends for the slots in the gears, and I don't think he would have appreciated my doing that.

The stripped selector gear is on the right.  The gear on the left is how it's supposed to look.  

This is 5th gear.  It's supposed to have teeth on it, but they're on the bottom of the tranny now.
When I pulled the selector gear off, the needle bearing failed (or had already failed) - the bearing cage let go, and all the rollers fell out on to the floor.  It was the sound of this project taking an extra week, as I now have to order that before I can get this thing back together.

I called the local VW parts dept. - my first time dealing with them (as the old dealership sold their VW division to Shearer).  The guy who helped me was awesome and tracked down the part number for my VIN.  Unfortunately, it will be the middle of next week before I get it.

Can't wait to face the weekend with no car and no ability to do anything about it.  Maybe it'll force me to get some exercise or something.


Steve said...

Charge up the bike baby.

Scott McGrath said...

Yeah, that's another story. Something up with the battery or battery manager. Future blog post.