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GWSMO and Outlook Version 2303: Can't select "From" Addresses When Composing New Message

I found a bug/incompatibility with GWSMO (Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook, the Google Workspace sync integration for Outlook).  Here's what I found: Steps to reproduce: Install Outlook 365 Version 2010 (I'm using click-to-run build Build 15726.20202) Test with a Google user that has multiple Send Mail As addresses configured properly under "Accounts and Import" tab in Gmail settings. Install GWSMO from .EXE using recommended settings. Follow the steps to authorize with your Google account via OAuth/browser Allow at least 5 minutes after everything is installed for GWSMO synchronization to progress far enough for Google account settings to propagate to Outlook Click on "New Message" in Outlook Click the From: dropdown to select one of the alternative send addresses Observe that the list of available addresses matches the list of Send Mail As addresses in Gmail settings Close Outlook, go into Windows Control Panel->Mail and remove the profile.