Wednesday, April 05, 2023

GWSMO and Outlook Version 2303: Can't select "From" Addresses When Composing New Message

I found a bug/incompatibility with GWSMO (Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook, the Google Workspace sync integration for Outlook).  Here's what I found:

Steps to reproduce:

  • Install Outlook 365 Version 2010 (I'm using click-to-run build Build 15726.20202)
  • Test with a Google user that has multiple Send Mail As addresses configured properly under "Accounts and Import" tab in Gmail settings.
  • Install GWSMO from .EXE using recommended settings. Follow the steps to authorize with your Google account via OAuth/browser
  • Allow at least 5 minutes after everything is installed for GWSMO synchronization to progress far enough for Google account settings to propagate to Outlook
  • Click on "New Message" in Outlook
  • Click the From: dropdown to select one of the alternative send addresses
  • Observe that the list of available addresses matches the list of Send Mail As addresses in Gmail settings

  • Close Outlook, go into Windows Control Panel->Mail and remove the profile.
  • Remove Outlook from the system
  • Install Outlook Version 2303 (build 16227.20004)
  • Repeat above steps to install GWSMO and configure Outlook, allow to sync, start a new Email, and click the From: dropdown
  • Observe that now the list of available addresses does not appear when you click From:

Google believes this to be a UI issue with Microsoft Outlook, and thus would not look into it.  They told me to let Microsoft know about it, but I have a pretty good idea what they are going to say. Either way I didn't see anything about this issue anywhere on the web, so I decided to post about it.