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Windows 10: Get rid of Microsoft Teams Auto Startup (from a script)

Situation: You have installed Microsoft Office on your computer.  Whenever you logon to the computer, you see a Microsoft Teams splash that asks you to login, which you have to close every time if you choose not to login. Possible remedy: You can go into task manager, click the "Startup" tab, click Microsoft Teams, right-click and disable.  However, this doesn't work permanently as it will come back if you update or reinstall Office.  Also, other users who login to the computer will still get the Microsoft Teams thingy loading automatically at startup. "Real" fix: Add this to a user logon script, such as your domain logon script*: REM Delete Microsoft Teams Auto startup reg key   reg delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run /v "com.squirrel.Teams.Teams" /f That second bit is all supposed to be on one line. *if you don't have a domain logon script, you can just put this in a .bat file and stick into  C:\ProgramData\Micr