Wednesday, August 16, 2023


 Here's a fun excerpt of a chat with Verizon customer service, after they screwed up my phone upgrade order, not once but twice.  The initial upgrade order was handled by a rep over chat (NOT RECOMMENDED).  I stated that I really needed it overnight, but they shipped it Economy 2-5 day.  So I figured, no big deal, I'll just get back on with them and have them fix it, right?  I got on again (new rep this time) and explained what happened and that I REALLY needed this order next day.  They said they would take care of it, cancelled my order, AND THAT WAS IT.  Days later, it still shows that an order is shipping, and it won't let me do anything. I'm wondering where the hell my phone is, and the tracking info shows that it was returned to sender. So I got on with a new rep, and here's the conversation. I would change the name of the rep to protect the innocent, but you know as well as I do they use fake names anyway.

Verizon Agent
Cheerful day!! You are now connected to a live person. Welcome to VERIZON
POSTPAID MESSAGING! This is Lumiere, your best and compassionate representative for today! I saw you reaching out about order status. Before we proceed, may I be aware of whom do I have the pleasure of chatting with today? 🙏Ÿ™

Scott McGrath

Verizon Agent
It's my honor to meet you here in Messaging Scott! How are you doing today and how can I help you make your day better? Ÿ🙏

I am trying to establish the status of my new phone order. I ordered it from Verizon on Monday, paid extra for overnight and It is supposed to arrive today

Verizon Agent
I felt your eagerness in waiting for your order Scott, no worries as I am here to help you! Sounds good? 😉

Verizon Agent
If yes, would you mind giving me the order number and location code? 😊

Are you able to review my chat with representatives on Monday? Here's what happened: The first rep I talked to ordered it "Economy 2-5 days" even though I asked them to get it to me as fast as possible. I didn't notice until after the chat ended, so I opened a new chat and got a different rep. The rep told me that they would have to cancel the first order and create a new shipment in order to change the shipping to overnight. I told them to go ahead

Verizon Agent
Oh, that is because the chat automatically closes once 30 - an hour has passed. I am now checking the order here, this is the iPhone SE, correct?

I never got a new shipment order number. I have a tracking number that shows a shipment being returned to sender which I assume was the initial shipment

Verizon Agent
I really apologize but there are no shipment that was made for that, and I am not seeing any order for the device here.
As per checking on the order that was on "Economy 2-5 day Free" it seems like there was a request for it to be returned to the sender, assuming it was because the delivery failed. But no worries, any payments made on that order will be refunded on your payment method.
If you want, we can make a new order now and I will make sure to give you every details you need such as new order number and location code. How about that Scott? 😊
Of course I will also set it be delivered to you overnight.

Verizon Agent
Would that work for you?

I need it today
Or else I wouldn't have had them cancel the first shipment
This is absolutely unacceptable. This is not one but 2 mistakes that has led to this
I need a minute.

Verizon Agent
If that is the case, then I can do a store pick up for you once I process the order here so that you can just pick up the parcel in the store. That is the most easiest way possible for this.
Is this phone an add - a line ?

Verizon Agent
Cellular Sales XXX XXX
(Indirect store)
Curb Side Pickup Enabled

You can pick this one up in this store if you would so prefer. Would that be okay with you?

how long?
This is not adding a line, it's an upgrade for XXX-XXX-XXXX. See previous chat logs

Verizon Agent
As soon as I place the order here on our end, our store will contact you if the parcel is ready for pick up. Would that be okay?

Verizon Agent
Alrighty! I have not made any changes as of yet no worries. 

So you have no idea how long it will take to get the phone to that store?

Verizon Agent
I do, but the preparation for the order is not up to me, it would be up to the actual persons in the store. Please be reminded that there are people preparing the order for us, after the order is processed then they will reach out to you.
It is not that I do not know Scott, there are people working behind the scenes to get this prepared.
As per checking on the order, it seems like we will still need to wait for the order to be cancelled within our system before we can make an order again. If that is the case, I would like to recommend to upgrade another line so that you can have the new phone as soon as possible.
If you are concerned about the line, we do have the switch method on the online account and you can swap numbers in an instant.
How about this Scott? 😊

So that would be swapping one of the other phones on the account to XXXX?

Verizon Agent
Yes, we can upgrade the other line then once the phone arrives we can switch it up online. I can send the direct link for it. How about that? 😊

Verizon Agent
Please be reminded that if we do this, we still have to wait till the order for the line XXXX is cancelled. After that no switch is allowed but you would have the device itself so no worries!
Cancellation may take up to 4-5 business days. The return was just initiated.
Our goal is for you to have the device as soon as today, and that is what I am committed to bring within this chat.
What are your thoughts Scott?

Verizon Agent
If you are not a fan of complications, I would suggest calling UPS for the update of the order and you can request for some adjustments if they would so prefer.

I don't want to change any of my other lines, there are people using those phones. That would be even more inconvenient
Please just create a new shipment to my home address and I will wait

Verizon Agent
If that is the case, then I would suggest adding a line then we can process the switch once the order is fully cancelled.
Once the phone arrives, you can process the switch and then I will notate the account for the disconnection of the spare line.
How about this?
Not only that, to compensate with this experience I will be waiving the activation fee on this line for your convenience.
Good plan right? Shall we proceed?

Waiving an activation fee on a new line is not compensation, this whole situation was created by the two previous verizon reps that agreed to do what I asked and then didn't.
How long will it be if I just do the upgrade I originally wanted

Verizon Agent
I do really apologize for that, would you like an inconvenience fee for the negligence on the part of my colleague?

Verizon Agent
That would be around 4-5 business days since the return for the device for your order was just initiated. It might take time for it to be arrive with Verizon and have it fully cancelled within our system.

Can we get my situation resolved first before we worry about how to keep me as a customer after this

Verizon Agent
Of course, if you prefer it that way Scott.

I am wondering what the process looks like if you ship me the phone I ordered.
Correct me if I'm wrong:

Verizon Agent
Go ahead I am all ears ❤️

1. The initial shipment which is apparently still being returned has to arrive at Verizon
2. When that happens a new shipment can be created as per the upgrade request
3. When that happens a new phone will be shipped to my house overnight

Verizon Agent
Correct so far....

In a few days, let's say 5 just for the sake of having a number, I will get the new phone and I can activated it. And this doesn't involve adding a new line, cancelling a new line, or changing one of my other existing devices on my account

Verizon Agent
It will be automatically activated once the phone arrives with you.  The only thing that we needed to wait is the cancellation of the order made on your line, after that we can swap devices on your online account to get your number to your new phone.

Verizon Agent
If you will just wait for the cancellation of the order of your line, then you can just upgrade it without any complications.

Verizon Agent
If the order has been cancelled, you can re-order again without any need to cancel & add a line.

Verizon Agent
The process that you've mentioned is for adding a line. Just to clear things out Scott. 😊

Okay, I understand. This is pathetic but thanks for your help I know it wasn't your fault

Verizon Agent
Since you mentioned that you wanted to have the phone right now, that I suggested those things.

Yes, I understand, those are the only things within your power because of whatever crazy system limitations they have there

Verizon Agent
But I am really glad to have clarified everything and I really appreciate you being a nice person to chat with today.
May I know what is your plan moving forward? Will you just wait for the time the order is cancelled? So I can do a heads up on your account.

I have been with Verizon for 28 years. I miss the old days..
My plan:
I found an old iPhone 8 in a box in my basement
I transferred the SIM card from the XXXX iPhone to it and it seems to work for the moment
I will try to get by with that until I can finally (re)place the upgrade order I did on monday

Verizon Agent
Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding Scott. I will take this one as an education for me to learn and I will surely raise some improvement plans for concern such as yours in order for us to resolve it more efficiently in the future.

Hopefully the third time ordering my upgrade will result in my actually getting one.

Verizon Agent
Oh! Would you like to activate the iPhone 8 right now?

No, it's working, please don't do anything. The SIM is the one from XXXX it's already activated

Verizon Agent
Actually I am much curious, do you really prefer SE Scott? As far as I know we do have promotions for free phones such as iPhone 14 Series as long as you add a line.

Prefer SE

Verizon Agent
Oh of course no worries, I am not authorized to make any changes as long as we do not have agreement. Rules are strict here and I would not dare lose my job. 😂

Verizon Agent
Oh! Alrighty! I will take note of your plan and I really appreciate you sharing it with me. I will notate your account for your plan so we can get a heads up for the next rep.

I will document what happened to you this past few days to make sure we handle you much much careful the next time you reach out to us in the next 5 days.

Verizon Agent
Sounds good? 😊