Thursday, February 28, 2013

Leaky Transmission

Well after a horrible stay at La Guardia airport for almost 12 hours, I am home and thinking about my car problems.  Tried to get into it after work today, which usually goes something like this:

  • 4:30pm Start getting psyched up.
  • 5:00pm Get changed into coveralls, boots, etc.
  • 5:15pm Undress, go to the bathroom, re-dress.
  • 5:30pm Get motivational music going on garage sound system (involves configuring bluetooth audio path).
  • 5:45pm Tidy up garage (including finishing half done projects cluttering up the space).
  • 6:30pm Make sure I have all the required tools for the project.
  • 7:00pm Get a call from the neighborhood boys saying they are walking down to the bar.
  • 8:30pm Get back from the bar, put the car up on jack stands.
  • 9:00pm Remove belly pan cover and inspect the situation.
  • 9:15pm Drain the transmission
  • 9:30pm Time to go in for the night and eat dinner.
  • 9:45pm Write blog post.
Fun stuff.  Here's what came out of tonight:
The underside of the engine was covered with oil.  A manual transmission is supposed to hold about 2 quarts.  I drained, and I'm being generous here, about 2 cups of oil before it was empty.  So the next step is to figure out where exactly the oil is leaking from.

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